Buy large and medium size Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap combine Far Infrared technology for warming, with a revolutionary, soft flexible material that provides 100% magnetic coverage over the entire area.


Large: 16"-19"(C) - 12"(L) – 144 ½ sq.”(F) __$95.00
Medium: 16"(C) – 10 ½ "(L) – 94 ½ sq."(F) __$95.00

Biaxial PowerMag for Sale

PowerMag's built-in simplicity conserves electric power to extend battery life. The Biaxial PowerMag can be operated with four AA batteries (not included) or on household current with an AC adapter.


Biaxial PoerMag Only__________$249.00

Biaxial PowerMag with Adapter___$274.00


Kenko Flex Detail

A shaped magnetic pad, flexible for comfort. Gauss strength (+/-50): 500 gauss.

7.56 in X 5.55____ $90.00


Magnetic Insoles for Children

Kidstrides are designed for small feet. These insoles feature the same EQL Magnetic and Far Infrared Technologies as in adult Magstrides, but they’re sized to fit smaller feet, and calibrated for kids’ active wear. And the combination of technology with Kidstrides’ exciting graphics will give kids “happy feet!” The world’s only magnetic insoles for children, Kidstrides have triple-layer construction that contains far infrared, is odor-resistant and provides superior comfort and ventilation. They’re made with durable, shock-absorbing foam. A trim-to-fit design makes sizing easy.

Dream Light Comforter

The Dream Light Comforter is scientifically designed for better sleep. Innovations including Therapy Magnetic Technology, Ionic Technology, Rubberthane Technology, adjustable air suspension and more, provide you with an extraordinary sleep experience.

Stainless Bracelet for Men

Therapy Magnetic offer a classic, two color, surgical stainless steel bracelet, help you make a statement with a fashionable design that emits the kind of energy you need when you are a take charge kind of guy.