Buy large and medium size Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap combine Far Infrared technology for warming, with a revolutionary, soft flexible material that provides 100% magnetic coverage over the entire area.


Large: 16"-19"(C) - 12"(L) – 144 ½ sq.”(F) __$95.00
Medium: 16"(C) – 10 ½ "(L) – 94 ½ sq."(F) __$95.00

Biaxial PowerMag for Sale

PowerMag's built-in simplicity conserves electric power to extend battery life. The Biaxial PowerMag can be operated with four AA batteries (not included) or on household current with an AC adapter.


Biaxial PoerMag Only__________$249.00

Biaxial PowerMag with Adapter___$274.00